[651] Wau Bulan, Keris, Wau Kucing, Tepak Sireh, Congkak & Rebana Ubi (Gold) (13" x 11" inches)

New product

24K gold plated pewter Wau Bulan, Tepak Sireh, Rebana Ubi, Congkak, Keris and Wau Kucing design with gold frame.

Its gold frame size is 330mm x 230mm x 30mm.

*This product comes with a pewter plate that provides Free Customise Laser Engraving

Weight - 1.48 kg


Wau Bulan is Malay Traditional moon-kite.

Keris is Malaysia traditional asymmetrical dagger.

Wau Kucing is Malay traditional kite, 'Kucing' stands for cat in English.

Tepak Sireh is Malay traditional metal container for storing betel leaves used for chewing.

Congkak is a mancala game of Malay origin played in Malaysia.

Rebana Ubi is Malay traditional musical instrument classified as a drum.

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