[824G] Wau 5 in 1 (Gold) (6″ x 6″ inches)


24K gold plated pewter Wau 5 in 1 design with gold frame.

Its gold frame size is 152mm x 152mm x 44.5mm.

Weight : 0.327 kg

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Wau Jala Budi is a famous traditional kite origin from Kedah.

Wau Bulan is Malay Traditional moon-kite.

Wau Kucing is Malay traditional kite, ‘Kucing’ stands for cat in English.

Wau Merak is Malay Traditional Kite.

The specialty of Wau Merak is on its bow that can play seven kinds of rhythm or sound.

Wau Puyuh is traditional kite from Kelantan.

Weight 0.327 kg

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